Computer Training

The cornerstones of having a decent educsmall computeration and further on the ability to obtain a reasonably paid job, are solid English and computer skills. Due to the fact that there are no computer classes at government school and private classes cannot be afforded by the disadvantaged families, -In order to fulfil these requirements – does not only provide English classes for various levels, but also started teaching computer classes. Thanks to the generous support of several sponsors, at this moment SSCWT already owns a total of 10 computers. There are four ongoing computer classes at both schools, currently teaching around 50 students – with tendency to rise.
The main focus is on the most frequently used Microsoft Office application such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as the operating system Windows. To ensure tuition of practically relevant topics, right now the students are working on their own Curriculum Vitae and letters of application. Besides the regular computer lessons there are typing classes each week to improve their typing skills. To assure the long term provision of a high quality educational program, SSCWT is still in need of financial support to cover all costs related to the ongoing maintenance of the equipment, the purchase of further computers and the wages for the professional computer teacher.