There are many way to help

Sponsor a child

If you are thinking of getting involved in our orphan child sponsorship program, we ask you to consider carefully the commitment you are willing to make. Our hope is: sponsors will become part of our children's lives. They will not simply give money. They will write letters, send pictures, occasionally call, share family stories, build a bond that will enrich both your life and your sponsored child's life.After so much abandonment, we are hopeful these bonds can become a vital force that helps guide our children into adulthood, perhaps surviving for a lifetime. For this reason, we ask all prospective sponsors to think carefully before getting involved.

Fund Raise

With Friends,with children,at home,at work-however you fundraise your efforts help childre in urget need.You can help make life better for children, young people, and their families - and you can do it your way. We’re here to help you make real change, because without the support of people like you, children won’t get the help they need.


Looking to get involved and make a difference? Do you have skills, enthusiasm or experience that could help change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children while enriching your own? SSCWT welcomes and has experience with volunteers from India as well as from abroad. At SSCWT, you will be part of a team of supportive, like-minded, committed people where your contribution will make a real impact.


A donation is the fastest and easiest way in which you can help us sustain our projects. However large or small, your donation will really make a difference. There are many different ways to donate. If you wish to make regular donations hassle-free, an online contribution may be for you. Alternatively, you may have financial commitments at the moment but would like to remember us in your Will.